November, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkiye

Data: Acquisition to Analysis (Cancelled)

6th International SenSys/BuildSys Workshop on Data




As the enthusiasm for and success of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and Smart Buildings grows, so too does the volume and variety of data collected by these systems. How do we ensure that this data is of high quality, and how do we maximize the utility of collected data such that many projects can benefit from the time, cost, and effort of deployments?

The Data: Acquisition To Analysis (DATA) workshop aims to look broadly at interesting data from interesting sensing systems. The workshop considers problems, solutions, and results from all across the real-world data pipeline. We solicit submissions on unexpected challenges and solutions in the collection of datasets, on new and novel datasets of interest to the community, and on experiences and results - explicitly including negative results - in using prior datasets to develop new insights.

The workshop aims to bring together a community of application researchers and algorithm researchers in the sensing systems and building domains to promote breakthroughs from integration of the generators and users of datasets. The workshop will foster cross-domain understanding by enabling both the understanding of application needs and data collection limitations.


The workshop seeks contributions across two major thrusts, but is open to a broad view of interesting questions around the collection, dissemination, and use of data as well as interesting datasets:

The collection, evaluation, analysis, and use of data

  • - Challenges and solutions in data collection, especially around security and privacy
  • - Challenges and solutions in hardware/system design of data collection devices
  • - Expectations and norms for data collection from sensor networks, especially those that involve human factors
  • - Novel insights from existing datasets
  • - Metadata management for complex datasets
  • - Synthetic data, including its generation, application, and utility
  • - Success stories - key properties of useful datasets and how to generalize them
  • - Preprocessing, cleaning, and fusing datasets
  • - Preliminary analysis and visualization of the data
  • - Shortcomings of prior datasets - and how to address them in the future
  • - Position papers on policies and norms from experimental design through data management and use are explicitly welcomed

New and interesting datasets, including but not limited to:

  • - Shopping related sensing data
  • - Animal related data or sensed data
  • - Anonymized health, or synthetic health related data
  • - Indoor localization, especially unprocessed/unfiltered physical layer measurements
  • - Smart building, occupancy, motion data, energy, human comfort, vibration, BIM
  • - Vehicular, GPS, cellular, or wifi traces and remote sensing
  • - Reproductions of prior work that validate, refute, or enhance results
  • - Anonymized contact tracing, interaction and exposure notification data

To enable the longevity and continued utility of submitted datasets, all datasets must be uploaded to a permanent data repository such as a Zenodo or CRAWDAD as part of the camera-ready preparation. Submissions may refer to datasets hosted on personal or temporary hosting but this hosting must be made permanent by time of publication.

Submission Format

Submissions may range from 1-5 pages in PDF format, excluding references, using the standard ACM conference template. DATA 2022 follows the single-blind review policy. The names and affiliations of all the authors must be present in the submitted manuscript. Submissions are strongly encouraged to use only as much space as needed to clearly convey the significance of the work—we fully expect many submissions, especially datasets, to use only 1-2 pages, but wish to allow those interested in fully elucidating positions on data collection and use or insights from reproducibility efforts ample space to do so. Submissions should use only as much space as necessary to clearly convey their ideas and contributions.

Submission Site

HotCRP link

Important Dates (UTC-12)

Workshop Paper Due: September 22nd, 2023, AoE

Workshop Paper Notification: October 13th, 2023

Workshop Paper Camera Ready: October 25th,2023

Workshop Day: Cancelled


Co-Chairs & TPC Chairs

Gabe Fierro Colorado School of Mines

Shiwei Fang Augusta University

Technical Program Committee

Andreas Reinhardt Technical University of Clausthal

Clayton Miller National University of Singapore

Branden Ghena Northwestern University

Zhengxiong Li University of Colorado, Denver

Luca Davoli University of Parma

Yang Zhao Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

Thomas Pasquier The University of British Columbia

Victor Leal Sobral University of Virginia

Manideepa Mukherjee Bhakat University of Massachusetts Amherst

Adrian Chong National University of Singapore

Noman Bashir University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fatima M. Anwar University of Massachusetts Amherst

Keyang Yu Colorado School of Mines

Zi Wang Augusta University

Artifact Evaluation Committee

Mazen Bouchur Technical University of Clausthal

Yi Zhu University at Buffalo

Hui Wei The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ziyang Zhang Harbin Institute of Technology

Zihao Mo Augusta University

Yue Zhang University of California, Merced

Nurani Saoda University of Virginia


The 6th DATA workshop is part of (co-located with) SenSys/BuildSys 2023.

For venue details, visa information, etcetera please visit the SenSys/BuildSys venue page.